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Welcome on Surfoo Reloaded, dedicated to all big pussies, insertions, fisting fans. It has all : news, blogs, ads, forums, links, tools, apps, encyclopedia, database, sex toys links and ads. Sign up and join the big pussy lovers community since 2004!.

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15 Feb 2015
tip, read times, tagged bdsm 50 shades of gray
When you think of BDSM, "Fifty Shades of Grey," which hits theaters today, is probably what comes to mind. But it's not only young, sculpted people who are embracing the lifestyle. Read

15 Feb 2015
tip, read times, tagged Fifty Shades of Grey 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie Fifty Shades Male Gaze Hollywood Sexism in Hollywood Women in Film Love & Sex Female Sexuality Fifty Shades of Grey Sex Jamie Dornan Dakota Johnson Fifty Shades of Grey Sexism Fifty Shades of Grey Male Gaze
Even "Fifty Shades of Grey" -- a movie by female director, Sam Taylor-Johnson, based on a book by female author, E.L. James, with a screenplay written by female writer Kelly Marcel, and a primarily female audience in mind can’t escape the ongoing legacy of Hollywood’s male gaze. Read

06 Jan 2015
tip, read times, tagged statistics behavior sexuality
People having sex? So retro! Surveys on sexual activity reports a big drop in sexual relation frequency over the last decade. What is beyond this worldwide trend? Read

16 Dec 2014
tip, read times, tagged censorship UK
"no sex, please, we're british". As usual, taking the child protection and good morale as a costume, the british lawmakers are about to ban a list of sex practices of the UK porn; bringing the sex back to an aseptic breeding act. Read

29 Aug 2014
tip, read times, tagged ddf awards 2014
DDF organises online awards 2014. Vote for your favorite model, several categories online. Read

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Last articles :

15 Feb 2015
tip, read times, tagged vagina muscle exercice size
When talking about sex, size seems an exclusively male issue and source of complex. Those who would like to earn a few inches to those who fear having too much. What about the size of the vagina? Read

23 Jan 2015
tip, read times, tagged fake photoshop disaster art
Real photo, fake, edited ("photoshoped"), art, drawings, 3D... when images and the fake become entangled, do we believe or enjoy what we see? Read

03 Sep 2014
tip, read times, tagged porn photo tutorial
You want to take photos looking like this but they look like that. What's wrong? Here's a crash course on erotic photo in 10 points. Read

02 Sep 2014
tip, read times, tagged fisting tutorial
a tutorial for fisting. And for a change, written by a woman, and what a woman, Marcella from fist-art! Read

01 Sep 2014
tip, read times, tagged surfoo ethic erotica
Internet is flooded by erotic content. The best mixes with the worse, so filtering online erotism dataflow is important to save your ability to spot your fave content, continue to discover and spice up your real sex life. Read

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03 Jul 2015
luckysmallone in
Last I checked this was Home of the Gaping Pussies, not Assholes. There are different fetish sites Read , 3 comments

01 Jul 2015
krank in     Read

29 Jun 2015
vippy in Amateurs
Extreme amateur Anna from gigantic anal ins Read , 27 images included, 27 comments

28 Jun 2015
underwd in
The time has come again to look at some pretty candid and unsuspecting women and jack off to them, Read , 300 images included, 300 comments

27 Jun 2015
crazyleg in
Hello! Some people are interested in my game, but no one agreed to draw for me. :-( Read , 5 images included, 5 comments

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