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Stop or more? 18 Dec 2013

surfoo Few more words
Iím tip, a humble webmaster of Surfoo since 2003.
When I created this little community, there were few good extreme sex site and I missed one. Then over the years our fave style started to spread online, and now fisting is almost as common as any other practice.

At first, I used to write articles and put banners, these were the happy days. Layla, who showed up here, started to push wonderful pics. I created a full website for her. Then Marcella, then Lys. Members subscription paid for the hosting of Surfoo, even if it was made for fun and not for profit.

But piracy and filesharing started to unbalance the things and now Iím just loosing money every month hosting Surfoo.
10 years later, Layla has retired - not permanently, but for the moment. Lys as well. I donít have much time for updating the site and moreover, many new free sites poped : Xvideos, Xhamster, Tumblr are good and host a huge amount of images. FetLife and other amateur communities offer better service. So why not pulling the plug?

I wanted to. But Surfoo is a nice place to be, except a few jerks who left long time ago, weíre a small community, we know each other online and this quality is rare. Plus, few sites are really oriented fisting / big pussy / gaping / big toys. Watching the pics and video we really enjoy is fun; will always be. Iíd like the experience to go further.

So, stop or continue? I havenít decided yet. I had some touching words in my mailbox. There are many great amateurs around the world who perform their hobby, art, fantasies; maybe there is a room for a humble little community of big pussy lovers... more news soon.

Bye bye World! 08 Dec 2013

surfoo After many years online, Surfoo is about to close. Don't be sad, we have tumblr, and now fisting, big pussies fun and all is all over the web. We're happpy. Now Layla is retired, LysXtreme as well. My turn to say bye, thanks for all the fun! See you on another projects, maybe.

Fisting news 20 Dec 2009

surfoo Clara G page update in gaping encyclopedia with new samples and links.

Fisting news 24 Aug 2009

toA new pretty woman in extreme sex world : Lys Xtreme is blasting her asshole and pussy for you. For celebrating her mindblowing charm and her nice gaping holes, what do you think of a new entry in the gaping encyclopedia. With HUGE movie parts and samples, a must see for all anal fans.

planet pussy surfoo World news : Ty just took a FULL FOOT in her pussy. Congratulations, have a look at her site and our forums.

Vaginal weight lifting new world record : 13 Jul 2009

planet pussy surfooWorld news : Tatiata Kozhevnikova, 42, from From Novosibirsk (Russia), breaks the worlds record of vaginal lifting.

This athletic Russian blond beauty has been training her vagina for about 15 years. With apparent ease, Tatiata Kozhevnikova has even lifted some 14 kilograms worth of weights– almost 31 pounds– to prove she has the strongest pussy in the world, and got her performance recorded in Guinness Book of Records as the possessor of the world’s strongest vagina.

Tatiata Kozhevnikova says : “After I had a child, my intimate muscles got unbelievably weak. I read books on Dao and learned that ancient women used to deal with this problem using wooden balls,” Tatiata Kozhevnikova said. “I looked around, saw a Murano glass ball and inserted it in my vagina. You insert one of the balls in your vagina, and it has a string attached to it with a little hook at the very end. You fix a second ball onto this hook. A few fitness workouts with a glass ball a day is the way to go".

According to the Russian language web site, Tatiata Koxhevnikova recommends all women should take up her ball busting technique.

"It’s enough to exercise your vagina five minutes a day, ladies, and in just one week you’ll be able to give yourself and your man unforgettable pleasure in bed,” Tatiata Kozhevnikova says. She is know issuing DVD and books about intimate gym, -all in russian language for now, seems-.

Any challengers?
info source (in russian) - photos & comments : surfoo forums - more info : intimfitness.com

Fisting news 13 Jan 2009

A fisting triangle! Excellent idea by Ty, Naughty Alysha and Jade. The two fisting queens, alysha more splendid than ever, plus Jade, are performing a funny fisting triangle in a video available on fistingsex.com.Many have tried the fisting trio with one fister with two busy hands; this time the fisting mature trio have tried quite everything. There is also triple fisting attempt of Ty, not so successful. Ty's pussy a lovely wreck.

planet pussy surfooWorld news : San Diego, California, USA - A student has put his virginity up for sale to finance his degree in family therapy. Bidding which amounted to 2.8 million.
According to Natalie Dylan, 22, 10 000 men had proposed to have a relationship with her against retribution. Last September, when the case came to light, it had already received offers of up to 181000 euros auctions have reached 2.7 million. Natalie Dylan opted for this solution after his sister Ava, 23, paid his own Master of prostitutes for three weeks. "I know that many people will condemn me because it's taboo but it really does pose a problem. What counts is my studies and sell my virginity, it's not me sell myself. I think I and the other person will benefit greatly every two of the arrangement. ".
Well, as long as women who sell their charms do it on their own will, why not! But this crazy price will inspire the new generation of "no sex until mariage" (which is quite a bad idea, as half a couple relies on sex life) may turn the heads when this virginity fashion will end. Surfoo inverstors advise : wait before buying. ;)

By the way, did you notice this cool logo? just made it...

Surfoo news 20 Dec 2008

Simple Surfoo visitors will see Surfoo different : before, forums were not accessible to visitors (not logged). Now visitors can browse surfoo forums, but not post or reply. On user pages, user can see the most recent post but not browse archives. People just need to log in to have all surfoo. I'm trying to get people more involved into this little big pussy lovers community. It's now 4 years surfoo's online, we've built something nice; time to make a nice place of it!

Surfoo news 12 Dec 2008

You've been asking for it! A surfoo user page search engine is now available. You can now search any word or usename, you'll get the list of the results (with paging if too many), with a direct link to the post. Easy and useful, now that surfoo has thousand of pages of beauitful gaping pussies. I hope it will inspire you for writting more text!

Layla wins another point, fisting her own stretched gaping hole. Pussy fully gaped with two hand 4 fingers stretching, she's so wide she can insert her own hand into her gaping hole. Wow, that's a woman! It's now three years she's active on her site, she's now 23, posting new pussy expansion movies and galleries every week. Thanks you Layla! Visit her userpage if you're not / can't be member for her personnal site

Big pussies world news - 11 Nov. 2008

Marcella website opened on www.fist-art.com. Still under beta testing, but for sure works for 1000+ pictures and many hours of mature pussy fisting in HD Video.
New version of surfoo... you will notice a new item in top menu : Video on Demand. Many good movies are now in video on demand, and maybe sometime some of you would like to watch an old good movie online, without having to wait a DVD shipment. So, Surfoo uses AEBN network to make ">a theater with all big toys, fisting and extreme penetrations, and beautiful pussies. Have a watch, there are also free clips available.

Real world news : Denton, Texas, USA - "A man was arrested not only for stealing a cream increasing penis size but also used it before showing the result to horrified customers : A thief steals a cream increasing penis size and demonstrates how it works...

The man was first spotted in the process of stealing a cream increasing penis size by an assistant store in Denton, near Dallas. He followed the thief to the toilet where he entered a cabinet and applied the cream. He then reappeared and crossed the Barbie dolls area, exposing the cream benefits. Customers were, of course, in shock.

Policemen were called and promptly arrested the man when he went into the toilet to add another layer of cream. He was arrested for theft and indecent exposure.
Hey, i'm unsure those cream works, but this guy is really out of his mind. I wonder how many will drop their toys for a real good looking penis.

Fisting news - 14 August 2008

Is it a three legged woman? No, it's Layla again,with a very nice sextoy festival. Some great surfoo-only samples images in her surfoo user page.
Marcella the Surfoo queen, is now preparing a website with all her pictures, video, infos, etc. All her fans should love it, as she's a super hot mature wife pussy stretcher, with originality and are talent in smiling sweet with two fists in pussy. Hold on, it whould open very soon.
Again, Surfoo news have been idle for a while, but don't worry, Surfoo is alive. Now most of bugs have been corrected, we've a more handy login system, many active posters. So i'll cut the dead leaves of the website (inactive parts) and make the most of the good ones. Stay tuned, Surfoo is the right place for all big pussy lovers of the world!

New fisting site : fistflush.com - 23 april 2008

FistFlush is a brand new fisting website made by the perfect gonzo production team (remember Give Me Pink?). Cute young girls, HD video (1080i, it's 700 Mo per movie!), reasonnable price, there's everything to make a fisting fan happy. Only girl hands, no extreme stuff, but worth the view. Have a look in forums for links to samples!

Layla plays with an elephant dong in pussy. No it's no a third leg, it's a sex toy. Layla makes a housewife show in a 22 minutes video, vacuum cleaning with a monster toy in her pussy. Have a look at her user page for more samples! This girl breaks every rule of what a 22 y.o girl can do with her pussy! hurrah!

Cute girls, big pussies - 13 april 2008

Layla with an oil bottle in pussy : more and more crazy, you'll never handle an oil bottle the same way!

Jayda Diamonde opened a blog to keep fans up to date with her shootings and updates! Want a video sample with great anal gapes? Fans with recognize Jayda. Don't miss it.

Next news is about Surfoo, This news area is going to be updated more often. All the news of the fisting & big pussy world. Enjoy!

Fruits & veggies in pussy - 19 september 2007

Layla with an orange in pussy : in my personnal opinion, this should be mandatory in gym class at school. Excessive? Okay, as an option, then. In the same serie, she stuffs herself with two cucumbers, huge soft potatoe. I love food and veggie pussy stuffing!

We have a new Surfoo queen : swing. She's german. This country is gifted for super pussies. Thanks for posting these nice fisting pics in user pages, we hope for more soon!

Updating Gaping Encyclopedia- 26 may 2007

Jayda Diamonde is in the Gaping Encyclopedia! She's quite often on Surfoo, and I advise you to read also her Surfoo User Page. For those who are just back from mars, she's the new big toys live show star, don't miss her!

Check the forums for cool new galleries with fisting, toys, streching, etc.

Our queens are great - 31 mar 2007

Berthold updated his user page, and released a bunch of new videos, worth a view, really. Don't hesitate to post some comments if you like his wife's beauty and performance! So, thanks, pal!

MSN has closed their adult groups! Microsoft has sold them to a New Zealand company (Responsible Media Group), running a site labeled "adult WorldGroups". You can still create and account but you need to give a Credit Card Number. For age verification? Not only, they provide also paying services. For selling access to the pictures that people upload to them. Viva Surfoo.

Layla is experimenting new things... like fucking bottles in a middle of a public parc before getting fisted.
There are also some great galleries to visit : Layla 1 / Layla 2 / Layla 3 / Layla 4

Updating Gaping Encyclopedia- 11 mar 2007

Clara G is in the Gaping Encyclopedia!She's a great pornstar and deserves her name there. I'll continue to update the encyclopedia in the next weeks with the infos your send to me

Has the fisting disapeared? After one year where many pornstars and even amateurs were turning and trying fisting, it seems pussy fisting turned out of fashion. Maybe it's because of some really visible pornstars who got retired like Delfynn Delage; maybe the fashion is turning back to softcore? Anyhow, after a nice big wave of sites with extreme stuff (brutal dildoes, teach me fisting, givemepink, FTV, Laylaextreme, etc.), there's not much new for super pussy lovers. Except that these fisting-oriented sites continue to provide excellent content. And that some amateurs continue to enjoy enlarging their twats. Enjoy fisting, ladies!

Updating Gaping Encyclopedia- 11 mar 2007

The Gaping Encyclopedia is not only a major feature of surfoo, it's also a unique listing of the super-pussies of the world. As some of you noticed, many names and articles are missing... simply because info is missing! So, i've put my lamp and go to dig down there. Updaded : Agnia Zemtsova, aka Elvira from perfectflex.

An annoying thing I wanted to talk about is the number "phishing" sites in porn is going bigger all the time. Spammers and stealers on the Internet have no limits. Surfing the web without firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware is a suicide mission. And even with this, you'll require enough of attention and knowledge to avoid traps. Now in some galleries, some of the links go to executable files installing trojans, or worse. So keep your systems up to date, choose good anti-virus and check your system often. And don't think Linux is the ultimate solution : it has to be updated and well administrated to be secure. Take care, guys!

Women are crazy - 6 fev 2007

A majority of women said that they could get rid of sex for fifteen months in exchange of new set of clothes, according to a study carried out near 1.000 women in ten American cities. Among them, 2% are even ready to abstain from during three years for clothing. For 61% of the questioned women, it would be worse to lose its clothing preferred than not to have a sexual activity for one month.
The old women, when aged 18 to 54 years kept their preferred cloths during twelve years and half, is one year more than the duration of their longest relation. Some 70% of the women say to believe in the first sight love when it is a question of finding the article perfect, whereas only 54% of them trust it to meet the ideal man. About half of the questioned women (48%) more say capacity to count on their favorite clothing that on their partner to give them confidence in it and the impression to be sexy.

Surfoo Planet Pussy News - 25 jan 2007

Surfoo is fun, you know already. Go get a peek to this funny animation made by the excellent mystrotica. He's doing cool flash anims and also beautiful xxx drawings. Also, have a look at his Surfoo user page.
I also repaired the Surfoo password reminder feature! Now working...
And i got a sweet message from the beautiful Vanda, she'll be soon in Gaping Encyclopedia. She famous for her natural anal gapes!

Surfoo moved again to a new server - 15 jan 2007

Surfoo moved again to a new server. It looks like this little site, who was just a little homepage, is now visited by a lot of big-super-beautiful pussy lovers. And so, it requires more space, and more bandwith. Surfoo, it's just the best of the extreme web, and it's now 2 years and a half i'm managing to keep this site alive. This isn't simple, and I want to thank the few donors who help to keep Surfoo online.

So, what's new? Well, first, few galleries you have to see : a cute babe on FTV.com, dp fanatics stretching a pussy , some good pussy fingering , an excellent big titted cutie fisted & self fisting , some girl fingered, dildoed, pissing here and here , and of course, much more in the forums and in user pages.

Gaping Encyclopedia updated! April from Ifriends was kind enough to reply my indiscrete questions. Few of you know this mature wonder woman, one of the biggest, sweetest; nicest pussy of the world.

Another thing you shouldn't miss is the nice mystorica site, still under construction, but with some flash games you should try. and explore the rest of the site...

Delfynn Delage retired + new talents ! - 03 nov 2006

Hello, it's a while no news, now i'll try to update every week at least.

Defynn Delage is mother & retires! congratulations. She has always been interested into rap music and she had some project with it. Good luck with it for the future, and with your child! Her talent helped her to get famous quickly. She did 500 movies and is now retired... Another big pussy quits the scene... Will be hard to replace her... Maybe I should update the gaping encyclopedia to see who is active and who is retired...

We're now making a review of Vanda; a great girl who's worth a peek! More news soon!

Have a look at explicite-art.com! Don't mix with explicite (not art!). They're doing high quality pictures and videos, more glamour than extreme but some good fisting time to time. Have a look! There are also great photos samples and video samples.

Layla is again the greatest pussy around. Her last gaping show is a must-see! You can see her page on Surfoo for more previews

Old "permanent" news moved to "cool stuff" !

As we've put movies and galleries online on Surfoo, it would be a pitty to delete it when the news gets too old. So our cool stuff we be in coll stuff section. use menu to get there! Go to Archives 1 & Archives 2.


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